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Impex Numidia Inc.

Numidia (Latin name of Numidie) is in reference to the ancient Berber kingdom that extended across North Africa with Cirta (actual Constantine in Algeria) as capital city and whose two most famous kings are Massinissa, founder of the Numidia Kingdom (around 201 B.C.), and his grandson Jugurtha.

In view of its name origin, Impex Numidia specializes in products from North Africa (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia). Through a varied range of quality products, Numidia offers to bring at your table the colours and taste of the Mediterranean. With its various colours and flavours, the Mediterranean is always honoured at Impex Numidia. Whether you are looking for couscous, olive oil, argan oil, dates, pasta, olives, jams, harissa, diouls (pastry sheets), harira (Moroccan soup), custards, water blossom, cookies, semolina, juices, sodas, spices and condiments, etc, Numidia will be delighted to suggest to you a whole range of these Mediterranean products which will enhance your dishes with an incomparable taste.

Although operating in a field where competition is rather stiff, Impex Numidia is duty-bound to bring its modest contribution and to always offer its customers high quality products at unbeatable prices.

With a warehouse located in the heart of St-Leonard (Montreal) with easy access and a large parking space, Impex Numidia is at your service all year long, not sporadically as the case with some companies with no fixed address, appearing and disappearing depending on the circumstances.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our priorities.




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